Aug 9, 2015

Travertine Terrace

We breached the castle in the sky To enter the ancient city of Hierapolis, we must breach the Cotton Castle. We climbed the rising travertine terrace barefoot, sharp calcium…

Aug 8, 2015

Cotton Castle

We were daydreaming of the “cotton castle,” where royalty bathed in the city of Hierapolis thousands of years ago; struck by the reality of the climb, our soles pricked gently by…

Aug 7, 2015


I wish for wisdom, patience and courage: the wisdom to distinguish between what is within and beyond my control, the patience to accept what is beyond my control, and…

Aug 6, 2015

Golden Road

We stood hand in hand like Byzantine statues Golden mountains gazed down on us as we wandered winding roads leading to a small village a few kilometers from Mustafapaşa in Nevşehir…

Aug 5, 2015

Cave Dwelling

We entered the cave dwelling, welcomed by the warm smile of a young woman wearing a long flowing white Roman-esque dress. We walked past an elaborately handwoven carpet of…